A Letter from the Founders: 

Welcome to Nobles Classics Quarterly, Noble and Greenough’s Classics Magazine! Here we discuss and present topics relating to the Classics, analyzing both the past and present. 

The study of Ancient Greek and Roman cultures and their history, philosophy, and literature is known as the Classics. It has influenced much of Western civilization since the nearly two millennia after Classical Antiquity ended. It’s impact is still felt in law, science, and art. We still govern ourselves by the principles of Cleisthenes’ “demokratia”, learn the Pythagorean theorem, and use the same literary motifs found in Homer’s Odyssey. We speak English, about 60% of which is derived from Greek and Latin. Our schedules are planned in the Julian calendar, with the month of Janus, the month of the februum, the month of Mars, etc. 

Still though, studies of the Classics have steadily declined in the 20th and 21st centuries. Ancient Greek and Latin are seen as dead languages. The Classics are viewed as pretentious, impractical, and irrelevant to our daily lives. This is the unfortunate state of Classics both in Nobles and in the world.

At Nobles Classics Quarterly, we hope to revitalize the spirit and importance of the Classics. Every quarter, we release articles written by Nobles students about in depth explorations into the history of Ancient Greece and Rome as well as their connections to our modern society. There is no set tone of formality here either; authors are free to converse with readers or present important facts. You’ll even be able to see the custom artwork our super amazing resident artists have created! One last thing: if you ever would like to submit your own work to us, it’s as easy as clicking the “Contact” page.

Welcome to Nobles Classics Quarterly!