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Derek Days

Derek Days is a sophomore at Noble and Greenough School. He enjoys playing hockey, drawing, and listening to music. His favorite Roman god is Vulcan and his favorite Latin word is “mox”.

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Armaan Bhojwani

Post proelium, praemium!

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Simon Juknelis


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Claire Mao

Claire Mao is a senior at Noble and Greenough. She started studying Latin in 7th grade and has loved Greco-Roman mythology as far as she can remember. Outside of her involvement with the classics, she runs cross country and plays flute and piano. She also likes to bake!

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Hyewon Suh


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Nathan Wilderman

Nathan Wilderman is a junior at Noble and Greenough. He loves to play soccer, ski, and golf in his free time. He has only broken one bone in his body, which he might have directly caused. His favorite Roman God is Mars, and his favorite Roman word is "quippe."

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Lindsay Saunders

My name is Lindsay Saunders and I am a junior. Next year, I will be taking AP Latin, which will be my sixth year learning this language. Without a doubt, Latin has been my favorite subject every year because I love exploring the culture of Ancient Rome, the strict grammatical rules of language, and the fact that there are no oral exams!

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Alexander Lee

Alexander Lee is a junior at the Noble and Greenough School. In his free time, he enjoys diving into a new book, playing tennis and golf, hanging out with friends, and learning new card tricks. He is co-leader for the Junior Classical League, and Asians-to-Asians student affinity group. He has taken part in Nobles theatre productions every year and is also captain of the Varsity tennis team. He started learning Latin in 6th grade; his favorite Roman god is Apollo, and his favorite Latin word is Cucurro.

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Olivia Stevo

Olivia Stevo is a junior at the Noble and Greenough School. She likes to crochet, watch basketball, and play tennis with her mom. She spends a concerning amount of time on Twitter each day. Her  favorite Roman god is Minerva and her favorite Latin word is "ieci."

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Maddie Wee

Maddie Wee is a junior at Noble and Greenough School. She enjoys playing squash, annoying her sister with hugs, and making bubble tea from scratch. Her favorite Roman god is either Athena or  Victoria and her favorite Latin word is "appropinquabat" because it sounds like an exotic fruit.

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Kevin Yuan

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Riya Saha

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Oliver Burstein

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Josie Kelleher

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Clemi Scherzer

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Avery Winder


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Jackie Zhang

Jackie Zhang is a sophomore at Noble and Greenough School. She enjoys drawing, reading, playing piano, and writing Cornelia/Flavia fan fiction. Her interest in classics began in second grade when she read the Percy Jackson series for the first time. Her favorite mythological monster is the siren and her favorite Latin word is "alibi".

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Magistra Glenn

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Magister Blake

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Magistra Batty