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Ante diem xv Kalendas Martias XLIV A.U.C.

Oliver Burstein Tito S.P.D. Si vales laetus ego sum laetus. Tua epistula delectavit me valde. In tuā proximā epistulā, tu rogavisti de me cane. Quoniam accepi tuam epistulam, meus canis effugit. Tandem inveni meum canem in media viā. Ego sum felicissimus quod meus canis non est ictus neque vehiculā neque raedā. Eo ipso tempore, sum occupatior quam naturalis. Quod gladiatororum pugnarum, vendo multos glires in meā tabernā. Res est magna igitur sum laetus. Quomodo sentis de certamine magnorum curruum pridie Idus Martialem? Est gravis quod audivi Iulius Caeser ibit. Sum certus nihil accidet Caesari inter nunc et tunc. Valde expecto tuum responsum. Salutātiōnēs mitte ad uxorem et liberos tuos. Valeas.


Oliver Burstein


February 15th, 44 B.C.E.

Oliver Burstein sends the most greetings to Titus. If you are very happy, I am very happy. Your letter delighted me greatly. In your previous letter, you asked about my dog. Since I received your letter, my dog ran away. Finally, I found my dog in the middle of the road. I am the luckiest because my dog was hit by neither a vehicle nor a chariot. At this time, I am busier than normal. Because of the gladiator fights, I am selling many doormice in my tavern. Business is booming therefore I am happy. How are you feeling about the contest of big chariots on the day after the Ides of March? It is serious because I heard Julius Caesar will go. I am certain nothing will happen to Caesar between now and then. I expect your response greatly. Send greetings to your wife and children. May you be well.


Oliver Burstein

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